Get out of entrepreneurial overwhelm and
actually get your projects done
The Make It Stick Method is a simple, but highly effective way to visually map out all of your projects so you know exactly what needs to get done, and when you are going to do it, to see revenue-focused results in your business. 
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Your to-do list is a mile long, and your “great idea” folder is even bigger. 

You have great ideas, LOTS of great ideas. 

Having ideas has never been a problem for you.

The problem is turning those ideas into actual business success without running in circles, pulling your hair out or freezing in decision paralysis.

You know what I'm talking about...

You’re not sure what to do next, so instead you grab a snack from the cupboard that keeps calling your name and check Facebook for the 40th time this hour.
You’re amazing at what you do, but there’s just so much to do all the time that you’re never really sure what you should be working on.

You jump from project to project and add tasks to your to-do list faster than you cross them off. 

You want to put your big idea out into the world, but you never know where to start and you never seem to have the time to actually make progress on your big ideas. 
Women, like you, who have great ideas, but never take the time to create a plan to follow through on those great ideas.

And that lack of planning and action leads to you feeling defeated, unproductive and like you’re failing at well, everything.

How would it feel to know exactly what you should be working on every time you sit down at your desk?

How would it feel to see consistent progress being made on your big ideas, knowing that when they are completed they’ll lead to increased success in your business? 

You get your kids off to school, sit down at your desk with a hot cup of coffee, fire up your computer and open up your daily planner to today...

You have your priorities for the day already written down and you’re able to jump straight into your zone of genius without stressing about everything else that needs to get done.

You have the tools and techniques to be able to pivot or adjust your projects when things get a little off track, without feeling like you need to throw the whole plan out the window.

You know that the things you’re working on today are actually moving the needle forward in your business and getting you closer and closer to your big goals.

In order to create a plan that STICKS, you need 3 things:

Time and space to download everything from your brain

A systematic and strategic way to organize that download to the things that are most important to getting you towards your goals

A detailed and realistic timeline that lets you know when you are going to get everything done, while still doing all the other must-dos in your life and business. 

Here’s a secret:

You aren’t bad at productivity and you don’t lack focus.

You don't need to hustle harder or download a new to-do list app.

All you need is a simple system you can repeat over and over again, for every project big and small.

“But I am so busy, I don't have time to plan!”

Did you know people who take time to plan before starting a project actually spend less time in the execution of the project?

In fact, research shows that for every 1 minute you spend planning, you save 10 minutes on execution.

That means even taking 15 minutes to plan out your project, could mean you complete that project in 2.5 hours less time.

The planning process doesn’t have to be tricky.
And it’s not a complex science.

In fact, we have three simple mantras we follow whenever we help our clients create plans.

The “Make It Stick” Mantras:

  • Project management needs to be simple.
    Complicated software and systems don't get used. 
  • You must master the Art of the Well Crafted To- Do List.
    Your current to-do list is actually sabotaging your productivity. 
  • Your brain needs to see things visually laid out.
    But this doesn't mean it can't be digital!

If you’re on board with our three Make It Stick Mantras, then you can create a plan of action that you actually follow through on.

So what are you waiting for?

Let me help you plan your next big project so we can finally get it out into the world.

Say goodbye to late night and weekend work sessions, feeling overwhelmed and stressed about all the things on your list...


The Make It Stick Method is a step-by-step visual project management system that takes you from great idea to done. (And gets rid of the overwhelm, panic and the frantic cycle of procrastination and cramming to finish a project.)

What makes Make It Stick different?

  • It uses proven research on brain science to help you project plan in a visual way that actually helps your plan stick.
  • It guides you through not just documenting out all the steps of your projects, but actually when it's going to get done.
  • It helps you determine if you are being realistic with the timing and content of your plan. Nothing crushes your soul faster than thinking you can cram a project into a few hours, when it really needs a few days!
"The overall structure of Megan's framework is key... I've looked at many and all have fallen short. One thing I love too is that although it is very structured, many components still have the flexibility to customize to best serve my unique needs and Megan makes a point to keep reminding us of that opportunity."

Rowan White

What’s included in the Make It Stick Method

The BOOST Process Bite-Sized Video Course

In this video course, you’ll get bite-sized videos that walk you through my entire system for creating a plan of action that actually sticks.

The BOOST system will teach you an easy and fun way to create a project plan for your idea, organize your tasks into the correct order and schedule everything out so you know exactly what you’re working on every single day.

Printable BOOST Checklist

Want an easy-to-reference checklist of the BOOST process that you can print out and keep handy for anytime you need to create a new project plan? Done! Use this checklist whenever you’re starting something new to make the planning process 10x faster.

5 Project Plan Templates for Asana

Who doesn’t love some good examples? I’ve put together 5 of the most popular project plans that I’ve used with my own clients, in a shareable Asana template format that you can swipe for yourself! These Project Plan Templates will give you a headstart on fleshing out your plan of action, all of the tasks involved and putting everything in the right order to execute on. 

Project Reference Sheet

After you have planned out your project, summarize all the important details on this easy to reference sheet. In a digital or PDF version, you’ll have all the important high-level pieces of your project on hand when you need it. Due dates, milestones, revenue forecasts, key pieces of the project and the overall impact to your business will help you keep your business (and calendar) priority straight.

Peek Inside the Make It Stick Method 

Grab the Make It Stick Method

  • BOOST Planning System Video Training (Value = $297)
  • ​Printable BOOST Planning System Checklist (Value = $47)
  • ​5 Project Plan Templates for Asana (Value = $197)
  • ​Project Reference Sheet (Value = $47)
  • ​Bonus: The Art of a Well Crafted To Do List Mini Course (Value = $197)
  • ​Bonus: The EASY Method (Value = $47)
  • ​Bonus: Pump It Up and Find Your Focus Spotify Playlists (Value = $27)
  • ​Bonus: Must Have Planning Office Supplies Shopping List: (Value = $27)

Total Value = $886

Today’s Price = $47

See What Others Are Saying About The Make It Stick Method

“I can take my little idea and make it a big reality.” - Sarah Sims

I’ve also included some time-saving bonuses to shortcut your planning time

The Art of a Well Crafted To Do List Mini Course

Your current to do list is sabotaging your productivity. This mini course will completely revolutionize the way you build your to do list. You’ll never think of goals and how to accomplish them the same way again. 

The EASY Method

Ever have too much to do?? (um...hello entrepreneurship) Keep this printable in your planner or pinned near your desk for a quick method to instantly comb your to-do list or your calendar for things that you can move off your plate, and allow you to focus on the things that really matter.

Pump It Up or Find Your Focus Spotify Playlists

Research (and being a human) shows that music makes everything better. But there is also a Pavloviian response in your brain when you hear certain music, it cues your brain to be ready for certain planning!

Must Have Planning Office Supplies Shopping List

I am an office supply nerd, but I have some really good recommendations and tools and resources to make your planning and your whole business run more smoothly. They are all here in one place. 

Grab the Make It Stick Method

  • BOOST Planning System Video Training (Value = $297)
  • ​Printable BOOST Planning System Checklist (Value = $47)
  • ​5 Project Plan Templates for Asana (Value = $197)
  • ​Project Reference Sheet (Value = $47)
  • ​Bonus: The Art of a Well Crafted To Do List Mini Course (Value = $197)
  • ​Bonus: The EASY Method (Value = $47)
  • ​Bonus: Pump It Up or Find Your Focus Spotify Playlists (Value = $27)
  • ​Bonus: Must Have Planning Office Supplies Shopping List: (Value = $27)

Total Value = $886

It's regularly priced at $197, but you can get it today

for only $47

The Guarantee

I am confident this simple, but revolutionary method will skyrocket your productivity. If you try out the systems for 14 days and don’t feel more productive, better organized and less overwhelmed. You can request a full refund!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business is the Make It Stick Method for?
Honestly, this method will work for anyone. Even non-business owners can benefit from a clear way to plan out projects (I’ve seen people use it to plan kids parties, house remodels and charity events). BUT if you are solo business owner who has a ton of great ideas but limited time and support to get everything done, this method is going to give you a clear realistic plan to map out your projects, know exactly when to work on each task and share it with team members and contractors. 
How is the Make It Stick Method different from other courses that are similar?
There are a million productivity courses and ways to plan out there. But what makes this method different is actually how simple it is. It’s not complicated, doesn’t require special software or a ton of time. And its backed up by clear descriptions and definitions of why you are planning the way you are and why your previous methods may have failed. This method has been called “mind blowing” more than once. 
I know you love post-it notes...I'm more of a digital person?
I DO love post-it notes, I think they are a great planning tool and that is my personal way to implement the Make It Stick Method in my own business, but much like the planner, post-its are just a tool. The Make it Stick Method is a system to help you plan any project in your business, quickly and for profitability. You can use post-it notes, or a google doc, or plan straight into your project management software like Asana or Trello. The system works whether you like pen to paper, or want to keep it digital. 

Grab the Make It Stick Method

  • BOOST Planning System Video Training (Value = $297)
  • ​Printable BOOST Planning System Checklist (Value = $47)
  • ​5 Project Plan Templates for Asana (Value = $197)
  • ​Project Reference Sheet (Value = $47)
  • ​Bonus: The Art of a Well Crafted To Do List Mini Course (Value = $197)
  • ​Bonus: The EASY Method (Value = $47)
  • ​Bonus: Pump It Up or Find Your Focus Spotify Playlists (Value = $27)
  • ​Bonus: Must Have Planning Office Supplies Shopping List: (Value = $27)

Total Value = $886

It's regularly priced at $197

Today’s Price = $47


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